Life can be used once, how would u use it?


-at working cleaning shit as I stop and thought about life
-I look it up on my phone as it say “stop this shit, and leave me alone!”
-turns off phone as I left work, then in that moment I was freaking out that my phone will kill me

Sweet mother of god, help me!


@midnight returns Monday. Guess what time.

That was the right answer, Aged dick cheese!


fucking shiny mega gardevoir fuck damn it

Well god fucking mother fucken god dame it

By begins!

By begins!

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If you like art and you have a dirty mind, then this is the type of video you need to watch…


This part of youtube again…


What I see with my eyes  (Taken with instagram)

What I see with my eyes (Taken with instagram)

Class 3

I’m in class and I’m bored, what should I do from keeping me not bored????


Do u know this Line??

This line is from a song and this song helps a son and a mom try to come back and stop the fighting!

(I can’t say it to her face but I love you mom even though you’re sitting in my room using my desktop and I’m on my bed using my laptop but I love you and I am sorry for everything I ever did to you. Sorry for making you cry when I would not come home, when I ignore you, when I alcohol poisoned myself last year, for never being that son that showed affection, sorry for the way I am. Even though you will never read this I love you.)

Do u know this Line from a song? [Yes or No]